Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Classroom Arrangement

The classroom that I did my observations in was a science classroom, the teachers' table was in front of the class and six desks in lines of two in front of it. There were lab tables on the back of the room and two on the sides, which made it easier to manage students' behavior during labs by spreading the students apart among the six tables. Several storage cabinets were mounted on the back wall of the room, which served to store the many materials that are utilized in a science classroom. There weren't computers in the room for student use, only that of the teacher. However, teacher used the elmo to show students videos and lessons on the computer. There were different posters and diagrams of science concepts on the wall that promoted learning. For instance, the periodic table was on the wall which helped students during the lesson of elements and atoms. Therefore, I believe that the arrangement of this classroom was effective because students were able to see the teacher and the board without a problem and were engaged during the lesson and lab.

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